Past Life Regression Therapy

By Dr. Jyotika Chhibber B.Sc. (Chem.), PGDCA, CC.Ht., R.H., R.M.P., CPLT

Our mind is basically divided into two main parts: Conscious and Sub-conscious. The Conscious mind is the reasoning, thinking, logical and creative mind that we use all the time when we are awake. The Sub-conscious mind is a repository of all our experiences and all our memories of all lifetimes. Every experience is saved in great detail, including every sight, every sound, every smell, every feeling and every thought that we ever have. This memory can never be destroyed by any means whatsoever.

The sub-conscious mind is part of the soul; hence it survives after death and stays with the soul, taking with it every memory of that lifetime. The conscious mind dies with the body, as it uses the physical brain.

Upon reincarnation, the soul comes into a new body bringing the sub-conscious mind with it. Hence, all memories of all lifetimes are brought forward. But these memories also include impressions of traumas from past lifetimes which manifest at various levels of our existence and cause problems in the current life. The problems can be physical, mental, emotional illnesses as well as blocks in relationships, business, financial and spiritual growth, etc.

Past Life Regression allows us to access these past life traumas, and thereby, address the current life problems. Past Life Regression is a holistic therapy based on the principle of cause and effect, also known as ‘karma’.

In other words, powerful actions, thoughts, emotions and vows that are experienced in a past life may manifest in the present in another form – i.e. allergies, phobias, chronic illnesses, relationship problems, fears or simply a strong sense of unease / unknown fears.

The famous psychologist Carl Jung called it the ‘collective unconsciousness’ and ‘universal memory’.

By using the method of Past Life Regression the unconscious mind can go back in time and access the origins of old patterns or emotions and enable release and healing. Past Life Therapy can help clear emotional blocks bringing a greater sense of inner peace. It can also unravel the deep mysteries that can lie within and simply explain the sometimes inexplicable.

Past Life Regression does require a belief in reincarnation and does not necessarily define a past life. Past life experiences can be factually based or metaphors brought to the surface by the sub-conscious mind to illustrate something in the present. Whatever the experience, it is the lessons that can be learnt and the healing process that comes from the regression that is important, not whether or not it was a past life. Many people find that the knowledge gained through Past Life Regression of their past lives and experiences can be incredibly healing, providing a greater insight, and awareness and deeper understanding into oneself.

Past Life Therapy involves severing the bonds between past life traumas and present life problems or symptoms. This mainly done in one of the three ways:


• Rescripting

• Breaking the bonds of time.

Past Life Therapy Is Most Effective In Case Of:

  • Physical problems where the medical tests do not reveal the cause and no traditional medical procedures work.
  • Problems that the traditional medical world may consider untreatable.
  • Behavioral problems, like obsessive-compulsive behavior, which have no diagnosable cause in the current life.
  • Fears & phobias that have no known origin in the current life.
  • Relationship problems which are totally unexplainable.
  • Spiritual likes or dislikes (usually extreme cases).
  • Weight reduction problems.

Cases of stammering or stuttering are dealt with very effectively with regression using hypnosis. In fact that is the only way of getting rid of the speech problems for good. These cases always involve a trauma in childhood, in the current life, where the child wanted to say something but was so afraid that he could not talk. In these cases, we do what we call age regression, which is going back to childhood in the current life.

Cases of asthma, which the traditional medical world considers untreatable, are very easy to treat totally. It usually takes about 4 to 5 therapy sessions to get rid of asthma completely but the number of sessions can vary from case to case as it depends on various factors.

The therapist needs to guide the client through all the lives which have any significant connection with the client’s presenting problem. Thereafter, for rescripting or reframing to be performed, the client needs to be taken back to each of those lives viewed. Therefore, the number of sessions depends on the number of lives to be worked upon as well and a specific number cannot be ascertained in advance.

Although there are many ways of doing regression, the most effective way for therapy purposes is guiding clients into trance through hypnosis and connecting them with their sub-conscious memories. Using hypnosis, we have direct access to the sub-conscious mind. This means any suggestion given under hypnosis goes directly to the sub-conscious. Since the past life traumas are in the sub-conscious, the therapy becomes very effective.

Clearing Myths About Hypnotic Trance:

  • No one can be hypnotised against his will.
  • Therapeutic hypnosis is not mind control or brainwashing.
  • During trance, the client is not immobilized. He is consciously alert and remains oriented as to person, place and time. He can even hold a conversation in trance. After the session, he has complete recall of his experience during trance.
  • Hypnosis cannot cause anyone to do or say anything against his will or that which contradicts his values.
  • Past Life Regression Therapy is the safest and only way of overcoming past lives traumas and their manifestations. Traveling beyond the barriers of time and space, connecting with past lives and viewing relatives and families of the past doesn’t affect the current lifetime in any way. On the contrary, as Dr. Brian Weiss reiterates as well, viewing the lives itself brings about a certain relief and heals our minds and current life issues. In his book, Reincarnation, Trudz Hardo relates many of his cases where the recent past lives have been explored and found authentic.

“Past Life Regression Therapy should be practiced with the assistance of a qualified expert or therapist and should not be attempted at home.”

While viewing past lives, a client can at times experience abreactions (sub-conscious reactions) and may need skilled help. Some of the clients begin to relive trauma of their past life while viewing it and this is when they need to be guided to an observation mode so that they do not suffer through it. However, reading up on the right books, practicing yoga and meditation, keeping an open mind and learning how to relax will go a long way in preparing to learn about past lives.

Regression Therapy has been used in the Western world for the past 25 years. There are thousands of regression therapists around the world.

The medical world chooses to disregard this therapy as they focus only on the physical body. A couple of centuries ago, the medical world separated the body and the mind. The doctors involved with the physical body are expected to work with the body and the psychologists with the mind. However, even a typical psychologist only works directly with the conscious mind, and has no direct access to the sub-conscious. Hence, he cannot utilize this extremely effective technique. However, a number of medical practitioners, psychiatrists, and psychotherapists have taken this training, and they find it extremely effective even when it is applied in conjunction with their traditional techniques.

The World Congress on Regression Therapy was held in New Delhi during March 2006 which was attended by over 300 Regression Therapists from all over the World.

Case Histories

1) One of the cases I helped, involved an 18 yrs. old student from Delhi, Dev Batra (case of severe skin allergy) who suffered severe skin problem right since birth. His skin was sensitive to UV light to the extent that it would start itching, tearing & bleeding with even mild exposure to sunlight & later would turn thick & rough. His condition even affected his nature thus causing relationship problems besides affecting his studies. He visited a number of skin specialists in India & abroad with no results. Steroids further worsened the case. When I finally regressed him to the source of the problem, he automatically went to the past lives he had carried the problem from & with just a few sessions, his problem was addressed completely. After viewing all the lives he had brought on the condition from, we had to go back to each one of them later to perform therapy. He is now leading a very normal & successful life. Dev’s mother, Miti says “Past Life Regression Therapy has given Dev a new life”. Dev is now pursuing BBA.

2) In another case – a young doctor from Chandigarh, Amarpreet Duggal (name changed on request) (case ofkidney stones, polycystic ovarian disease, fear of driving, accidental death, men, marriage and losing loved ones) was repeatedly raped in her current life during her childhood. She was frightened of men & terrified with the thought of getting sexually close to them. The emotional disturbance such as guilt she bore caused her renal stones & polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD). Besides, she suffered from fear of driving. She particularly feared of being hit by heavy vehicles & thus losing her life. So, using Age Regression to reframe her childhood helped her eliminate the emotion attached to her childhood trauma. Also, Past Life Regression Therapy helped her disconnect with the death scenes when in a couple of her previous life times her soul had experienced accidental deaths. Even the sexual disturbance, fear of men & also fear of losing her family did have significant connection with memories she carried from a lifetime where she was a princess. Their fort had suffered attack & the invaders had killed her entire family in front of her. She was publicly raped & left severely tortured. The mind remembers this, and since the mind does not recognize time, in her current life the mind makes her over cautious & very fearful. Releasing the negative cellular memory during sessions helped her recover from PCOD, kidney stones besides all her fears in mere 4 sessions. Amarpreet, now studying and practicing in Australia, is involved in a relationship with a young handsome man and looking forward to getting married soon. She is able to lead a very happy, healthy & carefree life. She says “I feel I have been reborn”.

I am mentioning histories of some more of my cases where the clients have given me their permission.

3) Darayash Mistry, a high profile Event Manager: (case of karma cleansing, pointing out link with birthmarks)

Darayash wanted to work on Karma cleansing. When regressed to one of the lifetimes which had significant connection with the current one, he observed herself (he was female in that lifetime) working in a tea estate with her mother. Her mother was bitten by a snake & died instantly. During the session, he went on to clear the emotional baggages he had brought forward from that lifetime. His mother in that lifetime is also his mother in the current life. The interesting part due to which I choose to speak of this case is that on sharing the story of the past life with his mother, his mother revealed that she has 2 black birthmarks at the same place on her leg where she was bitten in that lifetime. This confirms that birthmarks are linked with episodes of our past lives.

4) Rita Sharma, an insurance agent (case of insecurity, possessiveness and jealousy in marriage) was very unhappy and stressed due to a friend’s closeness with her husband. Since her husband knew the lady since her college days, Rita didn’t feel it just to disturb their relationship but all the same couldn’t stop feeling troubled by the closeness they shared. Therefore, she wanted to be in control of her emotions so that she could deal with the situation calmly and without getting affected at all.

Searching for the source of her problem, her mind led her to two lives from which she had brought on the insecurity.

In one, she was in Greece. Being a young rebellious man who refused to follow the traditional rules laid for the countrymen, he was exiled and therefore, had to leave the country. His father was one of the elders called the rulers of the country with whom he shared a very strong bond and therefore, separation with him was very painful. After settling far away in another country, he married a beautiful woman, had 3 children but died bearing resentment for his father and much more for his mother who never bothered to connect with him, leave alone calling him back. Not being able to re-connect with the father and feeling bad for disappointing him, he spent his entire life never being happy. The sorrow lingered on throughout the lifetime. His father in that lifetime is her husband in the current lifetime and mother, the husband’s friend.

In the other, she was a widow living in an African tribe with a son and a daughter. In this lifetime her brother (her current life husband) took care of her family. He sacrificed getting married to bring up her family. She shared a very strong, close bond with her brother and since he was their only care-taker was insecure about sharing him with anyone else or letting him go.

Post therapy, Rita has overcome all the insecurity, jealousy, worry and anxiety and shares a healthy, happy life enjoying pleasures of a blissful marital life with her husband and a healthy bond with his friend. She is now at peace with herself and both of them.

5) Jessie Lobo, a business woman and exporter (case offear of being alone and claustrophobia):

Jessie visited my clinic to get rid of claustrophobia and fear of being alone. Her fear of being alone kept her talking to a friend on phone even while she commuted for hours. Claustrophobia in her case showed up typically while in darkness and that was when she had the desire to run out in the open. She dreaded being alone in closed lifts and detested being hugged by even her daughters.

Looking for the source of both her fears, she got regressed back in time to another lifetime. She was physically uncomfortable, a little short of breath and kept repeating “I am tied up in a cloth sack outside a tent…….I can’t breathe……I’m going to die here”. I immediately helped her switch from reliving to observation mode as there is no need to make the client re-live and suffer the trauma back again. She saw herself as a tall rustic woman in Rajasthan in 1800s, dressed in a grey short kurta, long black ghagra and a large dirty brown odhani as big as a bed-sheet, wearing leather and metal juttis in her feet. Her husband was far away somewhere working while she lived alone with her son. For a living, she washed and fed cattle belonging to an Afghani Pathan tribe in return for which she was given food to eat. The tribe had gold coins which were used in larger trading. This lady’s son had stolen a gold coin or two and 3 tough tall Pathans dressed in black salwaar kurta and turban had tied her up in a sack and left her to die to punish her since her son was absconding. She later died there with suffocation and heat.

After the very session I remember her say “I feel a new me today …… I feel like dancing and singing. I feel so free”. Past Life Therapy helped her overcome the trauma and fear of that lifetime and she now lives a healthy happy life rid of any fear. The source of both claustrophobia and fear of being alone was brought forward by this same lifetime which she could release in mere one session.

Jessie identified two of the Pathans, one is her ex-husband, Allwyn in the current life and the other a friend. The son from that life is her daughter, Annabelle now.

6) Ameena Ali, an industrialist (case of fear of flying and driving):

Ameena feared being in a speeding car or being aboard a plane specially during a bouncy flight. While connecting with the root cause of her problem through regression, images of a lifetime constantly kept flashing. She saw herself being speeded in a car driven by her fiancé in France. During the session, she began sweating and screaming to slow down however, she saw the car crash and she died in the accident instantly although her fiancé survived. Helping her overcome the trauma and also snapping connection with the lifetime, has helped her completely recover from the fear. She’s no longer frightened while traveling in long international flights nor in the car.

7) Chetan Chavan, a MBA student and businessman (case of stuttering and stammering):

Chetan Chavan contacted me to help him get rid of stammering. Before he came to me, he had already seen speech therapist apart from going for other forms of treatment & had also undergone a surgery to no avail.

In my ability to take him to the source of his problem, he got regressed into a couple of past lives which had significant connection with his presenting problem. To give you an example, in one of his past lives, he accidentally killed a person under the heavy vehicle he was driving. When the villagers gathered at the site & he was questioned, he was terrified & due to the fright, couldn’t utter a word. He had more of such lives he had carried this condition from & we worked on all of them with the help of Past Life therapy. The few sessions that he had spent viewing such lives itself had reduced stammering to an extent that even his professors had been appreciating a change while he talked during presentations in front of his whole class in college.

Chetan has now undergone the therapy completely and is able to talk fluently without any stammering or stuttering. He is currently pursuing MBA training and says “I am able to talk freely and fluently in front of large gatherings. I feel very proud when I am able to give my presentations and speak at length without any traces of stammering at all”.

8 Sudipto Mukherjee, a retired company director (curious to check past life relationships):

All that Sudipto Mukherjee was looking at was a desire to find out the relationships he shared with a few of his special friends. For example, he found one of his friends as his cousin in a lifetime he was regressed into. As Dr. Brian Weiss points out, the best part is that one benefits from viewing the lives itself and in this case it helped better his relationships.

9) Ketty D’souza, a marketing manager (case of Asthma):

Ketty, a young lady from Kerela, suffered from Asthma. When she came to me, she was on inhalers regularly and had to often inject doses of medicines intravenously. She had brought on this condition from 3 past lifetimes. In one, she was pushed into the river with a bolder when she died gasping for breath as she didn’t know how to swim. In the other, she was made to die in the concentration camp where she died of chocking. During the third lifetime she viewed in connection with asthma, she was strangled to death by her husband. Snapping the connection with such traumatic deaths during her sessions & releasing the negative cellular memory helped her completely recover from Asthma & she now leads a happy normal life without any medication.

10) Minakshi Panjwani, an architect (case of hydrophobia):

Minakshi suffered from fear of water and could never go swimming. She could never even be anywhere close to an ocean shore. Once pushed into a friend’s swimming pool at a party, she feared death. When regressed and connected with the source of her fear, she saw herself drowning in a lifetime when their ship caught fire and sank. In another lifetime, she viewed that she was a young girl aboard a flight with her parents which crashed into the sea and they all lost their lives. With the help of past life therapy, she was able to work on eliminating the phobia. Minakshi is now very comfortable swimming and enjoys the sport. She even went white water rafting during her holiday to Dubai.

11) Tina Mittal, an executive (case of an accident prone life and fear of death)

Tina had given up her job and had even stopped socializing with friends. She feared she would die soon day in and out. She kept seeing flashes of her body lying dead mutilated in an accident. She was a young girl who in her current life had suffered an accident and serious leg injury left with several scars. The source of both her problems lied in another lifetime where she saw herself lying in a hospital bed with one leg put on traction and the other one amputated. In spite of the amputation, she developed gangrene around her hip and the poison spread to the rest of body due to which she lost her life

Tina had brought on a fragment of her fears from another life as well where she was born a crippled and was abandoned by her family. She spent the rest of her life in an orphanage all lonely and suffering.

The fear of accidents harboured in her mind created more accidents for her in her current life. Uprooting the fear through a few sessions helped her overcome the problem. Watching herself die in her previous lives helped her fear of death fade off completely. Besides, her tryst with death in past lives was a very overwhelming experience for her. She witnessed her soul leave her body and re-uniting with her Higher Self in the Spirit World. Being in The Light in the blissful world was a Divine experience.

She is very happy and a different person ever since.