Star Children

INDIGO CHILDREN are advanced souls (with higher consciousness) who have incarnated on earth with a mission of helping mankind during the vibrational shift that the earth is experiencing right now. They are from planets of 4th or 5th dimensions which have higher frequencies. Earth, as we know, is ascending from 3rd to 4th dimension. Therefore, these children have taken birth on earth to help raise our vibrations & create an atmosphere of understanding, acceptance & unconditional love for everyone – equality & ONENESS. The Crystal ones have come from higher frequency worlds of 6th dimension to help during this evolutionary transition as well….by spreading the message of peace & oneness.

Apart from being very angry & rebellious with an attitude of fighters & reformers, Indigo children are caring, honest, extremely sensitive, restless & hyperactive. They are found to be highly intelligent, knowledgeable, analytical, creative and intuitive with amazing memory, clairvoyance & psychic abilities. They are attention seekers & in case don’t get it, curl inwards. They generally remain reserved in case they do not find like minded people….face adjustment & relationships issues. They do not believe in following the traditional society rules. They have come mainly to help us get over the established systems and procedures that we have taken for granted for too long. They are not necessarily violent, but they would use violence if necessary. Their view of life is different from the general public. They do not see any point in just existing, and realize that the world has to change. They are not after money at any expense, and they have a lot of compassion for others as well, and want justice to be established. The Indigo children found today generally range between 25 to 35yrs. of age although there are a number of older Indigos with a very few exceptions of even 55 – 60yr. olds.

CRYSTAL CHILDREN, who are the recent generation & have come after the Indigos, are found up to the age group of 6yrs. They are quiet, calm, peace loving, very intelligent & immensely powerful. Lovers of nature, crystals fascinate them. They too are highly sensitive, psychic & telepathic and it is easier for them to travel beyond time & space i.e. in most respects they are like the Indigos except for the major difference in trait that here the anger is replaced by Love. They have come with pure Love, and they operate on pure Love. They have a lot of remembrance of their other lives, and they cannot stand any type of violence. In the extreme, they cannot even stand watching violence in movies or TV, and they really feel that we are all one. When these kids grow up, and enter the work force, they will be in decision making positions, and there is no way that they will create any wars or conflicts, because it is totally against their system, which is pure Love. These kids have an amazing memory at very early stages of life, and even two year olds will be able to point out a lot of crystals, as long as the crystal names have been told to them even once.
Indigo children are here to topple systems of old beliefs & traditions which are man made & hold no meaning using anger and violence if required. This will continue till the systems are set right. The crystal ones are now incarnating to take on from here and settle the energies to love.
Clairvoyants & Psychics see indigo colour in the auras of Indigo Children whereas multi-coloured auras like a rainbow in case of Crystal Children. This is why their names are coined so.
Percentages are hard to give, but it is reasonable to say that a great percentage (as much as 30-40%) of the children born would fall into the category of Star Children. They incarnate more into the upper strata of society, since then they have a greater chance of growing up and getting into a decision making position.
When the frequency of Indigo adults rises, they enter the 6th dimensional Crystal state.

As the Earth ascends & the frequency of humans beings rises from 3rd dimension of consciousness into higher dimensions, the spiritual world will keep coming closer to our material world until we have reached the multi-dimensional consciousness. That is when there will be “Heaven on Earth” which these Star children have come to help create. (So, there are miles to go before they sleep!!!)

As the self-help expert Deepak Chopra puts it, “In my opinion every generation evolves to a new and more expanded level of awareness. Within that population, there is always a subgroup that is ahead. Evolution is a never-ending horizon with the progressive awakening of dormant potentials in consciousness. The ‘indigo’ phenomenon is evidence of accelerated evolution that seems to be a feature of our times.”

Actor Smita Jaykar, a disciple of Kalki Bhagawan and Amma, founders of the Oneness University and proponents of the indigo phenomenon, echoes global claims that “one in every 100 children is born indigo”. Skeptics point out, however, that the figure tallies suspiciously well with rising ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) statistics and add that parents are in denial that their ‘spaced out’ children need help.

Indigo and Crystal children/adults are an integral & dynamic part of the evolutionary process towards a NEW EARTH.