How To Run A Successful Remote Meeting

For this reason, you must create a clear agenda before the meeting to ensure participants are on the same page before the meeting. It also empowers everyone with the necessary resources to participate before the meeting. Putting off problems allows them to accelerate, which is counterproductive to business success. If you are using a task management tool, you can quickly plan everything on it.

  • Selecting an appropriate meeting time is key to successful virtual board meetings.
  • “Once you have a list of goals, it’s easy to plan your team meetings in more detail.
  • Board meetings are often quarterly these days, rather than weekly occurrences.
  • Be respectful of people’s time – and let everyone know if you can’t make it.
  • The attendees should turn on their cameras during the meeting.
  • Fellow is the meeting management software where teams gather to build collaborative meeting agendas, record decisions, and keep each other accountable.

A board of directors discusses your organization’s financial stability and strategies in private. As a result of technology in virtual board meetings, proprietary and confidential information is, of course, at risk. A breach of sensitive information may cause board members to feel reluctant to discuss controversial issues or disclose sensitive information. With technology, we can access innovative tools and take part in meetings remotely.

Today, every manager needs to know how to run a successful remote team meeting. In a regular meeting, you can expect people to speak up when needed. Because of a lack of social cues and the recommended muting, people may experience difficulty in saying what they need to say.

To avoid the dreaded, “that should have been an email” meeting, make sure to take the time to define the goal or purpose of your meeting. Your meeting goal will vary depending on the time of meeting you’re having and who’s involved. This will help your individuals get prepared for the meeting also to be able to review the discussion items you will be the money to meet.

A study conducted by IWG found that 70 percent of professionals work remotely at least one day a week, while 53 percent work remotely for at least half of the week. Remote work is here to stay and that’s mainly because of entirely-remote companies like GitLab, Buffer and Zapier who have paved the way for others. If you can hear background noise, or if there are more than about three participants on the meeting, it’s a good idea for everyone who isn’t speaking to mute themselves. What your agenda looks like will be dictated by what kind of meeting you’re hosting.

Task management

Therefore, the facilitator may want to call on people by name to allow each team member to communicate. A virtual icebreaker or activity will also help you start the remote meeting on a positive note and will encourage a sensible segue into the main topic better than idle chatter. Even a fun icebreaker helps warm the conversation of the group. When you work within a bring-your-own-device culture , people will have a variety of systems and capabilities. Your employees, though, may not have what they need to take part in a successful video conference. Consider standardizing laptops, or at least setting a minimum standard so that video conferencing is clear and effective.

how to run a successful remote meeting

If your online meeting is to be successful, what happens after the meeting is as important as the meeting itself. Perhaps you can get someone to add tasks to your task management software and assign them to the relevant people. And it’s also useful to decide whether you’ll need a follow up meeting and when it should take place. Plus, for companies where remote work is already the norm, virtual meetings are a great way to build relationships and rapport among widely dispersed team members. It’s worth noting that these days, the lines are blurred between web conferencing and video conferencing.

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Establishing rules and catchphrases also can help move the conversation along, said Mark Tippin, a virtual collaboration author at MURAL. The 140-person distributed company headquartered in San Francisco produces a digital workspace used by 40 percent of Fortune 100 global enterprise firms. No one likes to sit through long delays while technical difficulties are worked out. A day or so before your first online meeting, remind everyone to make sure they have the appropriate settings enabled to participate. If you have access to an onboarding guide that walks people through the setup processes, include the URL in your meeting invite and agenda.

In this next section, I’ll share specific examples of remote team meetings at companies I’ve worked for. Remote MeetingsTransform remote meetings into productive work sessions through collaborative agendas and time-saving templates. SolutionsMeeting agenda softwareCollaborate on meeting agendas, assign action items, and ask How to run a successful remote meeting for meeting feedback. Especially if you’re trying a new software or you have a new video or audio setup, do a test run to check that everything is working properly. Don’t suddenly announce a meeting time on the very same day, or even the day before.

To reduce noise, you’ll want to mute your microphone when you’re not speaking. While it’s human nature to speak to fill moments of silence, people may be reluctant to talk in a remote meeting because they don’t want to interrupt someone. For remote workers, especially those with the added challenge of managing time zones, this makes the difference between a meeting that’s effective with one that isn’t. If this is a standup or regularly scheduled meeting, you can give readers the permission to edit or comment on the agenda. This can help you collect team input before the meeting, which saves time and ensures a more productive discussion.

How to Run a Productive Remote Meeting | Best Practices and Templates

For starters, remote meetings typically have participants joining from different parts of the country, or even across the globe. A lack of physical closeness can also change the dynamics of a remote meeting and as a result, it may take more work to increase engagement. Be overly descriptive of what you’re talking about to ensure everyone understands. Of course, the burden isn’t only on the organizer of the remote meeting. Attendees also need to ensure that they’re well equipped, present, and practice the proper etiquette to ensure a successful online meeting.

how to run a successful remote meeting

Once you’ve agreed on a day and time to meet, it’s very important to commit to a set of remote meeting rules that will help the team make the most of each meeting. You can send these rules as an email, or add them as talking points in your team meeting agenda. An advance copy of the agenda and relevant documents should be available a week before the meeting. Members of your virtual board of directors can bring insightful points and stimulating questions to the meeting. Establishing an expectation of professionalism and seriousness will be easier if you create a schedule and adhere to it.

Top 10 Ways to Make a Remote Meeting Effective

Give them ample time to review the contents and ask any clarifying questions. This will also give the key players time to contribute to the agenda, leading to well-rounded and thoughtful talking points. I’ve outlined the routine meetings I had when working for an organization of ~150 people. This excludes ad-hoc meetings that were focused on resolving specific blockers.

The participants shouldn’t interrupt each other when speaking to ensure everybody’s perspective is heard and considered. All participants should mute their mic when someone else is speaking to make the meeting fruitful. Video meetings are more engaging because participants can see each other instead of just hearing them. If you can see each other, you know whether or not your coworker is engaged in the meeting. If you do use visual contact, ask participants to sit in an area of their home that is serene and not visually distracting.

Take care of the technical side ahead of time

Of course, some remote teams are large, and it would consume a lot of time if all the participants were to introduce themselves. In that case, the meeting leader and attendees who will handle topics on the agenda should introduce themselves. Therefore, schedule ten to fifteen minutes of introduction to engage the attendees during the meeting.

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If the Meeting is Long, Include Short Breaks

Most modern apps allow people to share screens, documents, presentations and more. And many video conferencing apps give people dial in numbers so they can access meetings via their phones. Effective meetings don’t always need to take place in a physical meeting room.

“The more you can build a sense of community right now, the better for everyone’s emotional health and work performance,” says author and digital agency exec Howard Tiersky. “A well-run meeting can actually be a bright spot in an otherwise dreary how to run a successful remote meeting and depressing day.” Susan Heathfield is an HR and management consultant with an MS degree. Gather, organize and prioritize ideas gathered with an idea board. You can also use an affinity diagram to categorize ideas and find trends/ patterns.

No one wants to feel like they’re not heard or their time is wasted. In this blog, we offer expert tips on how to engage remote meeting participants and thereby make remote meetings highly successful. Long meetings can be difficult on all participants and people tend to lose focus over time. One great way to help a long meeting run effectively is by offering short breaks.

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Another contributing factor is the new focus on virtual and hybrid events. What began as a response to COVID-19, has become an increasingly important part of the events industry. While some organizations are back to exclusively hosting live events, others have embraced this new trend and continue to hold virtual meetings and other virtual events.