“It was destiny that connected us or perhaps the Ancients wanted us to complete some unfinished task under your guidance. Either way one looks at it, the past sessions that we’ve interacted have been insightful, healing and refreshing at many levels for me.
Allow me to elaborate…..
1. I walked in with the purpose of learning even more about the wonderful world of crystals and walked away kilos lighter and freer of unseen forces that weighed heavily on my heart chakra and my spleen.
2. It was a learning for me into the world of spirits. I always knew they existed, could sense and feel them around me and on occasions have spotted them but to learn that they dwelled in me, some not even knowing they were dead and that they were responsible for negative patterns of behaviour like sporadic aggression, deep suspicions and irrational fears was really enlightening. At a verbal level it made sense, and then when you took me deeper and deeper; it was clear to me visually and emotionally. Suddenly I could see these spirit beings in whatever shape, size or format and I could feel those familiar negative behavior patterns. Forming the white tunnel and watching them leave, merging into the Light was so liberating. And I was compelled to create the tunnel for 2-3 days after that around my house, and I even put up a sign saying “This way leads home. Leave what isn’t yours. Take what’s yours and go into the light” and I visualized hundreds and thousands hobbling through. Very very unique.
3. Working on my 11 month baby in hypnosis, witnessing his Guardian Angel was perhaps the most powerful vision one could see. As a mother nothing is as reassuring as to see ones child protected in such a vivid and divine way.
4. My aim was empowerment and today I do feel a greater sense of personal power that comes from identifying and then freeing myself from negative patterns/spirits. I pray that with time I evolve more into what I am destined to be.
5. Your intuitive hunches and nurturing presence was very reassuring.
Overall, the experience has been an eye opener into yet another facet of the wonderful world of healing.
Peace & Blessings”
Mita Bhan, a Tarot Reader, Reiki Master and Crystal Enthusiast

I find the sessions with Dr. Jyotika useful. Their meditation and healing therapy are good. It gives a lot of positive energy and a positive outlook towards life to allow body and mind to recharge and once again function at their optimum best.
Subhashini Vaidhyanathan, Corporate Marketing Manager

Thank you for freeing me from the clutches of diabetes and my fears. God Bless you doctor.

You will meet a dedicated, humble and caring person in Dr. Jyotika who puts her soul in healing everyone. She treated my mothers Arthritis, my friends Irritable Bowel Syndrome and got me out of serious depression. God bless Dr. Jyotika. I wish her continued success always and recommend her to everyone.
Kiran Haldankar

My humble and sincere thanks to Dr. Jyotika Chhibber for helping me out in life. Allah treated me through her.

I was suffering from asthma and compulsive disorder from childhood. My family suffered with me. I had started avoiding even friends and family because of stress and fears. Dr. Jyotika cured me completely through Past Life Therapy without use of any drugs. Thank you doctor. I wish you the best in your endeavor.
Deepak Shah

It is a blessing be associated with Dr. Jyotika Chhibber and receive therapy and healing from her. She is a born healer and psychic. Her loving smile and words itself heal you!
Jigna Thakkar


Dr. Jyotika Chhibber is a very gifted therapist and healer. I met her after reading an article on her therapy in Vogue magazine. Her therapy gave me another life by dissolving my tumour and treating my wife infertility. We are now blessed with a beautiful daughter. She has filled our lives with boundless happiness.
Naveen Joshi

I have tremendously benefited with the help of therapy and healing provided by Dr. Jyotika Chhibber. My life has completely changed for the better ever since. She treated my heart problem, stress and phobias and I now lead a very normal, fulfilling and happy life. I pray that Dr. Jyotika continues to touch and transform the lives of many with her healing touch and therapy. God Bless her!
Rajeev Kumar

I found the sessions with Dr. Jyotika Chhibber extremely helpful. The therapy gives a lot of positive energy and a positive perspective towards life to allow body and mind to recharge and rejuvenate. I wish her best in all her endeavours.

I am reading Deepak Chopras latest book ‘life after death’ and also recently read brian weiss’ latest book and the Tibetan Book of living and dying. There is such overlap, and your teachings and techniques fit in so beautifully, its been wonderful to gain some deeper knowledge. My wife has calmed down a lot and is happy. Besides, much unfolded as you had predicted.
Stijn and Marenka Dupont

I have gone through regression therapy and it has changed my life for good. I feel complete within myself which has given me a lot of peace and joy. Further I got answers to all my questions about my relationships with people. I used to suffer from severe throat infection almost every second month but after the session the entire problem has vanished. Dr. Asis Ganguli and Dr. Jyotika Chhibber have been the pilots of this wonderful life transforming processing in my life. I shall be eternally grateful to them for this wonderful gift.
Sunil Kaura, Commercial Manager, Hindustan Unilever Ltd.