Progression Therapy

Progression therapy is similar to regression therapy, except that it looks at future events instead of focusing on the past. The world has always had prophets, clairvoyants and psychics who predict future events. Psychics are absolutely remarkable in terms of their ability to peer into tomorrow.

Many predictions and events are recorded in the great religious books, such as The Bible and all religions have predictions about future events, which were envisioned by “inspired prophets.”

The point of Progression / Regression Therapy is not whether we believe in reincarnation or not, or what the therapist personally believes. The purpose of these therapy methods is to provide a healing consolidating effect, to widen choices and to establish beneficial aims and purpose in life.

The future very much depends on the belief that there is a next moment, a tomorrow and so forth. The future is a perspective. Progression Therapy examines life from two perspectives:

Firstly, it accepts that there is a tomorrow, whether it is the tomorrow of the present life or in the future lives. In other words, it assumes that life will continue beyond today.

The second perspective is that whatever we do today projects certain probabilities into the future and with varying degrees of accuracy.

Progression Therapy is a dynamic and vital therapeutic modality, embracing many traditional and non-traditional disciplines.

Progression Therapy is client-centered. Its focus lies in the discovery of the origin of a client’s issues. Through the process of progression, the sub-conscious mind finds the future outcome based on the current context. That then gives the client the opportunity to make better informed judgments about the obstacles to achieve the best outcome.

Progression therapy helps to set goals in the now by exploring the event avenues our choices pave for us into the future.  Past and future are in reality only patterns of behavior we put together in a developing context.

It may very well be that some habits we have picked up in the past may have served our purpose then but may no longer be to our benefit in the present or in the future.

Progression Therapy can help to make us more informed about our choices, eliminate fears and replace them with purposeful and beneficial feelings, thoughts and well-being.

During Progression Therapy, we are often presented with up to five choices of differing outcomes based on a current position or life.

There are three types of Progression Therapy, all dealing with the ability to choose different outcomes and paths:

Present Life Progression deals with issues that may occur in future of our current life based on current patterns and choice making ability.

Future Life Progression allows the fore-call of our memories, experiences, and emotions involved with “future” life experiences that influence individual’s present day behaviour and being on a sub-conscious level and shape the way of things to come.

Life between Lives Progression allows the recall of memories between life cycles of our current and future lives. These are very helpful as they shed light and give a much greater overview on choices made for the soul lessons to be learned in this life and many others.

By allowing those coming influences and patterns from the future to be expressed in present day awareness, it is possible to shape our perception and the goals to be attained.