Case Studies

Case Study 1: Past Life Regression therapy done with respect to curing of Diabetes

Client: Sachin Sharma, Vice-President with a Multinational company

Place: Ancient India
Time Era: Around 257 BC
Past Life Details: I saw myself as being killed by another person during a massive war between armies. I went back further in the same life and found out that the war was triggered by me and my activities. I wanted to marry a princess and there was some person who was opposing this marriage. I went and killed that person from behind in a surreptitious manner. I also realized that the person I killed is my wife in current life. This triggered the war and eventually my death.

Emotions released/ Learnings from that Life: When I was dying I was experiencing extreme emotions of regret and guilt having caused so much destruction due to my passion. I also realized in the dying moments that such pursuit was worthless at the cost of so many lives. This triggered negative emotion which was the starting point of my Diabetes. I needed to learn that passion can trigger irrational thoughts. I also needed to learn to always weigh the long term impact of immediate actions taken in haste.

Place: USA. Milwaukee, Pearl Harbour, Hawaii and Texas
Time Era: Some years before World War 2
Past Life Details: I saw myself as walking down a road late night disappointed over a major fight with my girlfriend Betsy. We were supposed to be getting engaged but for some reason we had a break-up. After that I saw myself enrolling in US Army and being posted at Pearl Harbour, Hawaii around the time when Japan attacked there. I saw myself in midst of intense war and have got injured, but survived. I saw myself being treated in a hospital. I then saw myself calling up Betsy from the hospital. When I called another lady picked up and told me that Betsy has got engaged with someone else while I was away in the war. I was upset and furious with myself and Betsy with this news. Next I saw myself going and settling in a large farmhouse at Dallas, becoming a recluse, and dying single at the end of life.

Emotions released/ Learning from that Life: When I was dying I experienced emotions of loneliness and disappointment over my failed love life. I needed to learn the lesson that love can’t be controlled and you can experience happiness only by letting go of love.

Place : Northern India. Somewhere near Varanasi

Time Era: Around 1850 A.D. Freedom struggle movement had started in India in pocket
Past Life Details: I saw myself as a rich zamindaar being attacked by a group of Indian freedom fighters in my village. I saw that I was a rich zamindaar but I was loyal to the British rule rather than supporting the Indian freedom movement. This had angered some revolutionaries and they were looking for an opportunity to teach me a lesson. They got that opportunity one day finding me alone in my haveli. They attacked and killed me and took away all the wealth stored in the secret safe in my home. They left me dying with a sharp knife in my throat and I was lying there on a swing at my home.

Emotions released/ Learnings from that Life: When I was dying I experienced strong emotions of guilt and regret of having failed my country and its people by siding with the British. I realize that I was greedy and this has costed me my life. I needed to learn the lesson that loyalty for one’s country should be supreme over and above the short term material gains.

Case Study 2: Case of Fear of pregnancy and fear of being physically abused

Client: Smita Sen, a Chartered Accountant


I saw myself as a young wife and mother of a small baby. I was living in a palatial home in a desert. I saw myself being the wife of a rich merchant who was mostly traveling. I was so very engaged and attached to my baby boy that I did not notice the scheming of the servants. One night, they slaughtered me, took all the jewels and ran away with the baby boy. When my husband returned, a burial was given to my dead body. The child could not be located and the baby had a tough time in his later years as he was ill treated by the servants who had stolen him. I died very young at the age of 25 or 26 years. Except the way I died, my life had been very peaceful and fulfilling. It had been a resting lifetime.

Learnings from that Life: I could see that I had become too focused on my baby child, thereby neglecting everything else in my life. I was not “aware” of the reality around me. In my past life, this endangered the very people whom I loved and created struggle and pain for them – the baby boy who had a difficult time while growing up without his parents although he was born in a rich family and the husband who lost his entire family. This has given me insight about how I operate in my life even in this lifetime. This same pattern exists. I become too focused with a particular thing/issue/goal – be it on my personal or professional front – there by neglecting all other aspects of my living. This has now led me to attempt towards being aware of all that is happening in my life in a holistic manner.

After clearing her past life block, Smita had a glimpse of the future of current lifetime. She was shown a girl child would be born to her after about 2 years.

Addressing aggression and anger and fear of being physically abused by her husband: Smita Sen was unable to deal with aggression, irritation and anger spells. On connecting with her sub-conscious mind, it was revealed that certain negative energies and fragments triggered this condition. Releasing all the negative energies possessing her is now helping her be in control of herself and her emotions as well as her surroundings.
There was one particular soul attached to her. It was of a lady who had been abused during her pregnancy by her husband. That was when the foetus had died within her and she had died as well due to poison spreading in her body. Releasing her soul and the baby’s as well, helped her overcome the fear of pregnancy and the fear of being abused by her husband.

Overcoming stifling situations in relationships – Addressing this block regressed Smita back into her mother’s womb while she was a foetus. Although a nestling feeling surrounded her, however, she felt the distress her mother went through in life during pregnancy. Her mother wasn’t ready for this conception. Besides, she had to abort her first child. The lesson for Smita to learn is that despite all odds there has to be a survival. Connection with this phase of her life anchored within Smita a positive feeling self-reliance and that no one can crush her. She learnt this lesson and is now ready to move on in life without the suffocation.