Clinical Hypnotherapy

By Dr. Jyotika Chhibber B.Sc. (Chem.), PGDCA, CC.Ht., R.H., R.M.P., CPLT

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring altered state of conscious awareness. It is a deep meditative trance state in which one’s attention is narrowly focused and relatively free of distractions. The focus of attention is so narrow that other stimuli in the environment are faded out of conscious awareness during that time.

All of us go through a natural hypnotic condition twice every time we fall asleep – once while the conscious mind is handing over the control to the sub-conscious before slipping into a deep sleep and the other during the phase when the sub-conscious returns the control back to the conscious.

While watching TV, completely focused on the film and the rest faded out of our minds is also hypnosis. Thus, hypnosis occurs naturally many times a day and our minds are accustomed to it.

Clinical Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy is a method during which the client’s logical and analytical faculties are reduced sufficiently to allow deeper levels of his sub-conscious mind to be utilized for health benefits.With clinical hypnosis, the therapist helps the client eliminate negative emotions and enforces positive suggestions designed to help the client formulate specific internal processes (feelings, memories, images and internal self-talk) that will lead to mutually-agreed-upon outcomes.

It is a technique of communication that induces hypnotic trance when psychological and physical changes beyond normal conscious capability may be achieved.

Hypnosis can be achieved by self or with the help of an external source. Self hypnosis is a trance state that is self created and can help achieve relaxation but not complete therapy. Since it is achieved by the self, one’s own fears and negative thought patterns can get deeply rooted as now the sub-conscious is open and fully receptive.

In cases where a deeper trance state is achieved with self hypnosis, one is unable to auto suggest. On the contrary, hetero hypnosis is an elevated state of consciousness that is induced by the help of a hypnotist / hypnotherapist or by listening to a pre-recorded script (unfortunately often sold as self-hypnosis tapes). Under the guidance of a therapist, the script is controlled as per the client’s needs.

Hypnotic suggestions can influence behavior when the listener is:

  1. Relaxed, receptive and open to the suggestions
  2. Experiences visual, auditory, and/or kinesthetic representations of the suggestions
  3. Anticipates and envisions that these suggestions will result in future outcomes.

These three criteria are facilitated through the use of “hypnotic language patterns.” Hypnotic language patterns include: guided visualization, stories, guided memories, analogies, ambiguous words or phrases, repetition and statements about association, meaning and cause-effect. Hypnotic techniques administered by qualified professionals are used to assist with the alleviation of a problem or condition, which has a psychological or psycho-physiological foundation.

The mind is basically divided into the conscious and the sub-conscious minds. The conscious mind contains logic, rationalization, willpower, short-term memory and creativity. It is the smaller surface area of our mind which is said to account for about 8 to10% of our mental capacity. The sub-conscious mind is the larger part, sealed and gated by critical factors of the conscious mind.

It contains all permanent positive and negative memories in great detail, habits and programming to generate emotions, intuition and so on. It’s the negative emotions attached to the negative memories which manifest from our mental to astral to etheric to physical bodies and take the form of physical, mental, emotional illnesses as well as blocks in relationships, business, financial and spiritual growth. Hypnotherapy relaxes the critical factor and enables the access to the sub-conscious realm of mind for uprooting the negative emotions and replacing them with positive affirmations.

Clearing Myths & Misconceptions:

  1. No one can be hypnotised against his will.
  2. Hypnotherapy is a completely safe and harmless form of psychological therapy.
  3. Therapeutic hypnosis is not mind control or brainwashing. Hypnosis does not erase the client’s memories, nor can a hypnotherapist create “new” memories. It is a deep meditative state.
  4. Hypnosis is not an occult or esoteric art. It is a scientifically acknowledged psychological and therapeutic discipline.
  5. Hypnosis is a state of altered awareness, not sleep or unconsciousness. During hypnosis, one is in control of his body and mind.
  6. During trance, the client is not immobilized. He is consciously alert and remains oriented as to person, place and time. He can enter or exit the hypnotic state anytime he wishes; therefore, he will not “get stuck” or lose control in hypnosis. He can even hold a conversation in trance. After the session, he has complete recall of his experience during trance.
  7. Hypnosis cannot cause anyone to do or say anything against his will or that which contradicts his values.
  8. Hypnotism is officially recognized and approved by the British Medical Association & American Medical Association.

Applications of Hypnotherapy:

Hypnosis has many applications in therapeutic settings. Among them are:

  1. Building confidence.
  2. Relaxation during childbirth.
  3. Treating phobias, fears and anxiety.
  4. Sleep disorders and disturbances.
  5. Interpersonal problems in relationships and business deals.
  6. Depression.
  7. Sexual difficulties.
  8. Psychosomatic complaints like headaches, ulcers, acidity, etc.
  9. Post trauma relief.
  10. Pain management.
  11. Stress management.
  12. Habit control (drug addiction, alcoholism, smoking, nail biting, etc).
  13. Academic performance.
  14. Athletic performance.
  15. Help with life transitions.
  16. Anesthesia for medical/dental procedures.
  17. Blocks in the way of motivation and creativity.
  18. Treatment of grief and loss.
  19. Physical illnesses such as cancer, arthritis, PCOD, endometrial polyps, infertility, migraine, irritable bowel syndrome, enuresis, BP, Diabetes, paralysis, Alzheimer’s (in case reported during early stages), urticaria, renal, heart and liver malfunctions, Parkinson’s, UTI, OCD, multiple sclerosis, menstrual and hormonal disturbances, ENT complaints, psoriasis, etc.
  20. Improving academic skills and study habits.
  21. Overcoming performance anxiety.
  22. Treating stammering and stuttering.
  23. Weight loss.
  24. Improving quality of life.
  25. Overcoming blocks in relationships, business, financial and spiritual growth, etc.
  26. Connection with Masters, Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, accessing Akashic records.
  27. Releasing attachments with negative energies and fragments.
  28. Balancing the bio-energies – chakras, aura cleansing and sealing.
  29. Regression Therapy – Past Life Regression, Age Regression, Life between lives regression.
  30. Progression Therapy.

Hypnosis and Clinical Hypnotherapy should be practiced with the assistance of a qualified expert or therapist and should not be attempted at home. While in trance, a client can at times experience abreactions (sub-conscious reactions) or negative influences and may need skilled help.

Some of the clients begin to relive their past trauma while connecting with it and this is when they need to be guided to an observation mode so that they do not suffer through it. However, reading up on the right books, practicing yoga and meditation, keeping an open mind and learning how to relax will go a long way in preparing for a trance session.

With Hypnotherapy, one can achieve a balance between one’s body, mind and spirit and live a better satisfying life.

Hypnotherapy is basically any therapy done in conjunction with hypnotic trance. It is often classed as a form of complementary medicine but is perhaps better viewed as a branch of psychotherapy. Hypnosis has fascinated psychologists and medical professionals for over two centuries and has been subject to a great deal of rigorous testing and research. It also has an enviable and long-standing reputation for effectiveness among the general public.

In their 1892 Hypnotism Report, the British Medical Association (BMA) officially recognizes the hypnotic trance: ‘The Committee, having completed such investigation of hypnotism as time permitted, have to report that they have satisfied themselves of the genuineness of the hypnotic state.’

The Committee also acknowledged that ‘as a therapeutic agent hypnotism is frequently effective in relieving pain, procuring sleep and alleviating many functional ailments’ (BMA, 1892). Hypnotherapy is approved by the American Medical Association in 1958.


1)Alzheimer’s – Juliet Fernandes, a foreign bank employee in Bombay, suffered from the initial stages of Alzheimer’s. Due to temporary memory loss, she used to forget her name and had to carry her identity card with her to remind herself. Clinical Hypnotherapy has helped her overcome the problem completely.

2) Urticaria – Kalavati Nishad, a housewife from Varanasi, got cured of 40 yrs of chronic urticaria with the help of hypnotherapy. Wife of an ayurveda Shastri, she hails from a family of allopaths. She was treated with allopathy, ayurveda, homeopathy and various other therapies. Unfortunately, none of the therapies had any positive effect on her. She suffered atleast one attack of the condition everyday and medicines had to be injected to control it. Urticaria in her case was caused by energy attachments and releasing them, she found relief from her problem. She is now completely cured of the Urticaria.

Out of gratitude, a written testimonial has been given to me by her therapist husband on his letter head.

3) PCOD, Endometrial Polyps, Menstrual disorders – Amarpreet Duggal (name changed on request), a doctor from Chandigarh, suffered from PCOD and endometrial polyps leading into mood swings and menstrual disorders. The root of her problem lied in childhood when she was raped and molested several times. Eliminating the trauma from her sub-conscious mind helped her totally recover from all her physical and emotional problems.

4) Hyperthyroidism and sudden weight loss – Beena Devi, a middle aged housewife from Delhi, suffered from Hyperthyroidism. The condition caused weight loss, nervousness, anger, sleep disorder and her eyes bulged out. Venting her suppressed emotions, harboured in the sub-conscious ever since teenage, helped her completely recover.

5) Fear of public speaking – Anuj Sinha, an engineer and MBA student from Bihar, feared public speaking. With the help of hypnotherapy, he is able to speak publically without any fear.

6) Aggression, Anger, Fear of pregnancy and of being abused up by spouse – Smita Sen, a chartered accountant, was unable to deal with aggression, irritation and anger spells. On connecting with her sub-conscious mind, it was revealed that certain negative energies and fragments triggered this condition. Releasing all the negative energies is now helping her be in control of herself and her emotions as well as her surroundings.

There was one particular soul attached to her. It was of a lady who had been abused during her pregnancy. That was when the foetus had died within her and she had died as well due to poison spreading in her body. Releasing her soul and the baby’s as well, helped her overcome the fear of pregnancy and of being abused by her husband. Smita now leads a carefree, happy life with her husband and looks forward to having her first baby soon.

7) Insomnia and Stress – Aneel Tyagi, a real estate consultant, suffered from insomnia since years which led to agitation and frustration. He had become very short tempered which affected his relationships as well as work. Hypnotherapy helped him overcome his sub-conscious insecurities, guilt and fears which eliminated insomnia completely. Aneel now leads a very successful, happy life and is able to enjoy all that he missed for years.

8) Obstacles in Spiritual growth – Vandana Ruia, a housewife, was still holding onto energies and attachments of her husband who had moved into the other world. These caused obstacles in her spiritual growth as well and drained her energy. Releasing the energies and attachments helped her overcome the obstacles and receiving guidance from her Guides and Masters helped her take several steps forward spiritually. She has now realized her life’s purpose and is working on accomplishing her soul’s mission.

9) Molestation victim – Vinanti, a chartered accountant, suffered a lot of aggression and work related stress. She was molested in her childhood and bore a lot of resentment towards her family for lack of love and support. By connecting with her deeply rooted childhood trauma in trance and overcoming all the past baggage, she is now leading a very happy life. She has overcome all the aggression and is often complimented for positive change in her attitude and the peace with which she handles affairs. By channeling healing to her family and home under hypnosis, peace prevails in her home too. Her parents have now turned more loving, caring and supportive as well.

10) Skin eruptions and Osteoarthritis – Deepa Sharma, a jewellery designer, faced difficulty bonding with her aunt. She also suffered skin eruptions and osteoarthritis. The roots of her problems lied in childhood. When she was a child, her aunt always compared her with other siblings in looks and studies and she felt inferior. She sensed lack of support from her parents and grew up with fears. These negative emotions manifested into skin eruptions and arthritis eliminating which has helped her completely recover from all her complaints. She even shares a warm relationship with her aunt.

11) Loss and Grief plus Job dissatisfaction – F. D’silva, a customer services manager, was very unhappy with her job. This caused her a lot of stress, anxiety and restlessness which she wanted to overcome with therapy. With the help of hypnotherapy, not only was she able to release all her pent up negative emotions, she was also able to manifest a compatible job which is for her highest and best.

A few months later, she returned for therapy on losing her husband. In just a few sessions, she was able to overcome her loss and grief completely and move on. She now already looks forward to a new relationship and marriage.

12) Divorce and Fear of re-marriage – Carol Lobo, a business woman and exporter, had a very painful marriage leading to divorce. She had to face a violent alcoholic husband. Having gone through divorce, she bore guilt, sorrow and resentment from her earlier marriage and was terrified to re-settle in marriage although desired it. With the help of mere one session of hypnotherapy, she released all the negative emotions and is looking forward to marrying again happily.

13) Inferiority complex, fear of rejection and Job dissatisfaction – Shubhalaxmi, a Corporate Marketing Manager, visited my clinic for getting rid of her fears and complexes. Her work life left her dissatisfied, feeling frustrated. She faced a lot of pressure from her parents to find a suitable life partner which she avoided. She feared rejection as she bore complexes. After a few sessions, she was able to release all the guilt, fears and complexes. With the help of hypnotherapy, she was able to manifest compatible job and marriage. In just a month, she found herself a new job that gave her a 4 lakh per annum pay rise. Shubhalaxmi is now married and settled abroad. She says “I find the sessions with Dr. Jyotika useful. Their meditation and healing therapy are good. It gives a lot of positive energy and a positive outlook towards life to allow body and mind to recharge and once again function at their optimum best” (as per her testimonial for our website).

14) Divorce and Guilt – Dinshaw Cowasjee, a high profile Event Manager, having gone through with divorce due to lack of compatibility with his wife, bore a lot of guilt. With the help of therapy, he was able to release all the guilt. Connection with Masters and Guides during his trance sessions helped him receive guidance not only on his personal front but also on his mission on earth. Knowing his life’s purpose he prepares to come up with his healing centre soon which is his calling. Dinshaw is already helping and healing those suffering by channeling healing energy and prayers to them.