Spirit Releasement Therapy

Through the history of human spiritual traditions there has been a belief that there is a nonphysical existence that parallels the physical universe. Several mental and physical sicknesses are caused by either the possession of evil spirits or fragment i.e. the energy loss of one’s own soul.

In the hypnotic state, the client becomes his or her own shaman. The process is called Spirit Releasement Therapy. It is found that disembodied spirits or advanced entities attach to humans for many reasons. The spirit may not realize he is dead or he may have some spiritual co-dependence issue that remains after death and he may not be able to let go and move on, or he may have an addiction that keeps him bound to the physical plane to satisfy his addictive needs. In all of these cases, the spirit is waylaid and stuck and the host is drained of energy and is influenced in ways which inhibit his life force and free will. In many cases, the entities are sent to harm the client using voodoo or black magic practices.

There are many symptoms of spirit attachment. A therapist must be skilled to differentiate and diagnose the client with the symptoms, which could also be from biological and psychological causes. Some symptoms are low energy, hearing voices, physical symptoms that seem to have no physical cause, compulsions and mood swings. Death or energetic openings in a client’s life can lead to these conditions. Energetic openings could be: an accident, use of drugs or alcohol, surgery, extreme emotional states, loss of consciousness or out of control psychic experiences. These types of experiences cause a disruption in the energy system, which weakens our protection, making us more vulnerable to an entity attaching itself to our energy system.

In a light state of hypnosis, the client closes his eyes and using his inner seeing, feeling and knowing, scans the body and energy system for any intruding energy. The intrusions are typically experienced as darkness, fuzziness, blocked energy or heaviness. We proceeded to telepathically communicate with the entity & help the entity release into the Light by restoring itself & reconnecting it with its source. The main ingredient in the clinical spirit releasement is LOVE.