Spiritual Hypnosis

Throughout the history of hypnosis, and since the first psychological theories of Sigmund Freud, we have understood that there are two aspects of consciousness that come into play in the hypnotic process: the conscious and the subconscious. There exists a third aspect of consciousness: the higher Self or the transcendent aspect of consciousness or the super consciousness.

The higher Self, a spiritual, wise, and infinite aspect of our consciousness, can be directly accessed and engaged as the inner therapist/healer in the hypnotherapy process. It is an aspect of human consciousness that goes beyond our waking, ordinary ego consciousness that embodies, presents, or can access certain wisdom not experienced in normal consciousness. The higher Self is said to be a distinct part or function of the individual. It is an entity in itself, with consciousness or awareness like the ego, and it is assumed to be a part of everyone. It witnesses the person’s experiences.

It is non-punitive, objective, and non-judgmental. Its orientation is towards higher values, life purpose, healthy emotional and mental development and spiritual qualities. This perennial wisdom seems to recommend an inner search involving some sort of meditative or yogic discipline and discovery and identification with a higher or true Self.

By directly invoking the higher Self and by facilitating a technique of voicedialogue, the higher Self can become a resource for inner guidance and self-healing in the hypnotherapy process. In the hypnotherapy session, the facilitator or hypnotherapist can ask the client’s higher Self or voice of spirit to be the inner guide and director for the client. The hypnotherapist aligns with this part of the client through direct dialogue and verbal exchange.

Similarly, while in trance, the client is helped to connect with one’s Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Archangels, the Supreme Being or the Creator for help & guidance on their journey through life. One is guided on one’s soul purpose & their role on Earth. It also facilitates immense wisdom of the spiritual world & karmic cleansing through the 15th step technique.

Spiritual hypnotherapy is combining scientific hypnotic principles and psychic cleaning tools to help us wake up to our true identity as spirit and rise in vibration to heal our body and live a wonderful life through these bodies.